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Dog Training

My courses are designed to equip you with essential insights into your dog's learning process, enabling you to implement new behaviours at home. Every dog learns differently, so understanding your dog takes time and practice. To help you get ready before bringing your puppy home, check out our "Preparing for Your Puppy" eBook in our shop. It covers everything you need to organise and book in advance, along with tips to help your new puppy feel safe and comfortable in their new environment.

For those interested in Scentwork, my classes will teach you how to tap into your dog's natural abilities and channel their energy productively. Scentwork not only provides great mental stimulation but also strengthens the bond between you and your dog. If you're looking for simple and affordable ways to entertain, enrich, and help your dog settle, our "Enrichment" eBook offers fantastic ideas for all situations—hot or cold weather, rainy days, teething puppies, senior dogs on reduced walks, or any dog recovering from injury.

Mantrailing enthusiasts will find our courses particularly rewarding. Mantrailing turns your dog's natural scent-tracking abilities into an exciting and purposeful activity. This training builds confidence and enhances your dog's problem-solving skills. Whether you're a beginner or looking to advance your skills, our classes offer comprehensive training tailored to meet your needs.


Let's work together to create the best relationship with your dog through fun and foundational training!

Puppy Training (8 - 20 wks)

Help Your Puppy Thrive in a Human World

Puppies come with innate skills from their parents and early experiences with their breeder or caregiver. It's crucial to continue their early learning to build on these foundational skills and make them positive ones! 

Puppy Foundation Course

Our Puppy Foundation Course is designed to teach your puppy new behaviours and essential skills that will carry them through adolescence and into adulthood. By practising consistently and setting your puppy up for success, you will build the amazing trust and friendship we all want with our canine companions.

This course is for puppies aged 10–20 weeks (our 121 option can start from 8 weeks). From the moment your puppy enters your home, they are learning about you and their new surroundings. It’s vital to help them feel safe and confident in their new family environment. Your puppy’s well-being is my highest priority, and I want every family member to feel confident while learning with your puppy.

What's Included in Our Puppy Foundation Course?

  • Our Puppy Guidebook

  • Five weeks of in-person tuition with your puppy

  • Small classes or one-on-one sessions at your home for a positive experience

  • Ongoing support from your trainer during the course

  • Additional resources and support through our private Puppy Club Facebook group


Class: £150

121: £180 (includes travel within Midlothian/Edinburgh, excluding North Edinburgh)

For more details, contact us at

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Adolescent Training (6 - 12 months)

Navigating the Teenage Phase with Your Dog

Living with a teenage dog can be challenging. Our Awkward Adolescents course offers you and your dog extra support while reinforcing the essential skills needed for adulthood.

We’ll help you understand the physical and mental changes your adolescent dog is experiencing, so you can support them through this difficult phase. I know it can be frustrating to see skills you’ve worked hard on seem to vanish. Your dog just needs time to adjust to their new body and mind, and with continued practice, those early learning skills will stick.

Whether you prefer a class or one-on-one training, our programme will be tailored to address your specific training challenges. Together, we'll develop a training plan that works best for your dog, focusing on key skills like focus, recall, loose lead walking, and settling.

Course Details

  • Suitable for: Dogs over 20 weeks who have completed a basic puppy training course. If your dog is nervous around other dogs, please contact us to discuss a one-on-one course option.

  • What’s Included:

    • Three weekly sessions with small groups or one-on-one to ensure a positive experience for all

    • Private Facebook group for trainer and peer support

    • Additional resources and support via our Facebook group

Class:  £65  

121: £95 (includes my travel within Midlothian/Edinburgh (North Edinburgh not included)

Contact us for more details


General Training (any age where help is needed)

General Training for Adult Dogs

I offer targeted training for those challenging behaviours in your adult dogs that make daily life difficult.

Common Issues:

  • Pulling on the lead

  • Not coming back when called

  • Ignoring cues

  • Difficulty settling while you eat, watch TV, or in general

  • Jumping up


These behaviours don’t always require a full course.

3-Session Block

Our block of three in-person sessions provides you with a "trainer on tap" for the duration of the course. We'll agree on the times, and you’ll receive additional support throughout the learning process. This block can cover one or two behaviours you’d like to change, depending on whether we’re building on previous training skills or starting from the basics.

Our goal is to help YOU  train alternative, more appropriate behaviours. This course requires commitment and consistency to see improvements, much like changing any habit. There will be at least one week between each session - ideally two, depending on the skills we’re working on.

121: £150 (includes my travel within Midlothian/Edinburgh (North Edinburgh not included)

Contact us for more details

Check our Book your Training page for workshops that we run periodically to cover some of the above issues (ie loose lead walking, recall, enrichment, tricks)

Please note this does not include Separation Anxiety, Aggression, Resource Guarding as these are very specific behaviours that need time and support from a team of professionals.  We are happy to recommend behaviourists who will work with you on these.  We will only work on a maximum of 2 behaviours during this package.

  • When should I start training my puppy?
    Training begins as soon as you bring puppy into your home. Our puppy watches everything we do and is constantly learning! It is always advisable to book a reward based puppy course in plenty time - before puppy reaches 20 weeks old!
  • Should I wait until my puppy has been vaccinated?
    YES! Our Puppy Class requires puppy to be fully vaccinated, but get booked on in plenty time and we will help you with the settling in period and early socialisation; and NO! Our 1-2-1 Puppy Course can be started as soon as puppy comes home. The socialisation period is the time for making positive associations with every day sights, sounds and smells and surfaces - all this can be done safely, even before vaccinations. Socialisation is SO much more than just meeting other dogs and saying hello to everyone they meet - in fact that's the last thing you want to be teaching your puppy! Book onto our course and let me show you what it all means! or grab our free "Preparing for your New Puppy" ebook below
  • When should I book my puppy training?
    It is better to book ahead for either option than wait till puppy is able to go out and about - spaces are limited and are filled on a first come basis.
  • Is it too late to train my puppy if they are over 20 weeks?
    Not at all! We can tailor our Awkward Adolescent course to suit your youngster’s learning. Either in a class environment (for those who have done puppy classes) or as a 121 course at your home if not, we have you covered! These classes cater for dogs up to 18 months & conditions apply to ensure that this is the right learning environment for your older dog.
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