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My courses are designed to give you as much information on your dog and how they learn, so you can take it home and put new behaviours into practice.  Not all dogs learn the same, so being able to read your dog takes time and practice. 

To help you prepare things prior to bringing puppy home, you can find our Preparing for your Puppy eBook in our shop.  It covers all the things that you will need to organise and book in advance along with how to help your new puppy feel safe in their new environment once you get them home.

Click on the buttons below to learn more about how we can help. 

  • When should I start training my puppy?
    Training begins as soon as you bring puppy into your home. Our puppy watches everything we do and is constantly learning! It is always advisable to book a reward based puppy course in plenty time - before puppy reaches 20 weeks old!
  • Should I wait until my puppy has been vaccinated?
    YES! Our Puppy Class requires puppy to be fully vaccinated, but get booked on in plenty time and we will help you with the settling in period and early socialisation; and NO! Our 1-2-1 Puppy Course can be started as soon as puppy comes home. The socialisation period is the time for making positive associations with every day sights, sounds and smells and surfaces - all this can be done safely, even before vaccinations. Socialisation is SO much more than just meeting other dogs and saying hello to everyone they meet - in fact that's the last thing you want to be teaching your puppy! Book onto our course and let me show you what it all means! or grab our free "Preparing for your New Puppy" ebook below
  • When should I book my puppy training?
    It is better to book ahead for either option than wait till puppy is able to go out and about - spaces are limited and are filled on a first come basis.
  • Is it too late to train my puppy if they are over 20 weeks?
    Not at all! We can tailor our Awkward Adolescent course to suit your youngster’s learning. Either in a class environment (for those who have done puppy classes) or as a 121 course at your home if not, we have you covered! These classes cater for dogs up to 18 months & conditions apply to ensure that this is the right learning environment for your older dog.
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