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(Price is per dog/handler team)


Our introduction workshops will give you the basics to start your Mantrailing journey. These are a mix of theory and practical learning, and you will have ample opportunity to ask questions while having fun with your dog.


We trail one dog at a time, so this is a great sport for dogs who prefer their own company for whatever reason. This does however mean that when not trailing, your dog will need to spend some time in your vehicle, so it is important that they are happy with this. There will be someone with the vehicles at all times so they will never be totally alone.


Mantrailing is for any breed, age or stage your dog is and each trail is tailored to you and your dog’s ability. Building foundations is crucial in order to progress.


Using only force free methods and a whole heap of fun rewards, as one of the first Mantrailing Global Instructors in Scotland, our aim is to help you and your dog have as much fun as possible.


Your dog will need a harness and a long line (we do not allow dogs to trail on a collar) as our dogs can get a bit excited in their search for their missing person!


Once you have completed the Introduction workshop, you can join us for practice sessions at our various locations. These can be found on our website.

Mantrailing Introduction Workshop

  • Payment is required at the time of booking onto the workshop. Without payment, your booking is not secure and may be cancelled without notice.

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