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My Puppy Foundation Course covers a variety of important behaviours that will set your puppy up for success: being able to settle down, not jump up, engage with you when exciting things are happening all around are just some of the skills we will lay foundations for.

For puppies from 10 – 20 weeks.  Puppies start to learn about you and their new surroundings as soon as you bring puppy into your home. Our puppy watches everything we do and is constantly learning!

Helping them to feel safe and confident around their new family is the first step, but puppies can start classes around 10 week - but before 20 wks). My small classes are structured to ensure the wellbeing of all puppies in our class. 


- our Puppy Guidebook

- 5 weeks of in-person tuition with your puppy

- small classes to ensure a positive experience for all

- trainer on tap during class duration

- lots of additional resource and support via our Puppy Club

Contact us for more details or if you would like to arrange a 121 Puppy course outside class times.

puppy exploring off lead

Don't just hear it from us, read what our customers' say.....

Avril was a great help and sounding board from day one, keeping us on the right track and correcting any bad habits we’d pick up. She was patient with us and our children helping us all understand how to interact and do the best for our puppy, how to train her and get the best out of her. We thoroughly enjoyed the course and were sad it came to an end. Having Avril there as a constant support and guide has been brilliant and definitely got us started on the right tracks. We will definitely be booking into future classes!!
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