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Living with a teenager is hard work, and my Awkward Adolescents course will give you and your dog additional support, while helping to reinforce the basic skills needed for adulthood.  We will help you understand the physical and mental changes that your youngster is going through so you can support them through these tough times. I know how frustrating it can be to have spent so much time learning a skill for it to go out the window!  Your youngster just needs some time to adjust to their new bodies and minds.

These classes will cover all the training problems that you might be experiencing. You will set the training plan and we will work through the best way to help your dog be successful.


Focus, recall, loose lead walking, settle are some of the things that we will work on.

Suitable for dogs over 20 weeks, who have completed a basic puppy training course.  If your dog is nervous around other dogs, please contact to discuss a 121 course option.


  • 3 weekly sessions with small numbers to ensure a positive experience for all

  • Private Facebook group for trainer and peer support

  • Lots of additional resource and support via our Facebook group

I also run periodic skills workshops for loose lead walking, recall, enrichment, tricks and much more!  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for new workshops or check out our shop page.

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And through all stages of growing and learning, my Scentwork and Mantrailing sessions will give you all something fun to do, boost confidence for everyone, and help to tire your dog out, just by focusing their amazing sniffing onto something that you can be part of!  Check out our scent and trail page for more details.

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