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We offer a number of workshops and mini courses for those hard to live with behaviours:

  • 'Walk With Me' (loose lead) course

  • 'Recall Rover' (come back when called) course

  • Tricks

  • Enrichment circuit training (what enrichment is, why it matters and how to set it up)

  • Mark & Reward (what is a bridging marker, how do we use it and when and the importance of using the right reward at the right time and place)

These are all based in a hall or outside venue and are in class form, so we are unable to accommodate dogs who need some space or less distractions to learn - for those, we will happily accommodate them on our 121 sessions.

Investment in your dogs' learning - cost varies due to the workshop, mini course - see our shop for prices

dog showing a loose lead walk on collar and lead

General Training

We offer general training for some of those behaviours that you find hard to live with in your adult dogs.

For example:

- pulling on a lead

- not coming back when called

- not listening to cues in general

- can't settle while you eat/watch telly/in general

- jumping up.


These behaviours don't always need a full course.


We offer a block of 3 in-person sessions with additional written/video notes where required. You will have a "trainer on tap" for the duration of the course (times will be agreed), and we will support you and your dog through the learning process.

Our aim is to help YOU train alternative (more appropriate) behaviours.

Investment in your dogs' learning £150 (travel costs at 50p/mile will be added outwith a 10 mile radius of the areas we cover (see postcodes below)

Please note this does not include Separation Anxiety, Aggression, Resource Guarding as these are very specific behaviours that need time and support from a team of professionals.  We are happy to recommend behaviourists who will work with you on these.  We will only work on a maximum of 2 behaviours during this package.

dog performing a sustained hand target
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