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Scentwork:  teaching dogs to find a specific scent / Mantrailing: teaching dogs to find a missing person

Our dogs have an amazing natural gift – superb sense of smell!  In fact, your dog primarily experiences the world through their nose! There is nothing more fun and rewarding than allowing your dog to use that gift as part of a team; with you by their side.

Both activities are suitable for all breeds, ages and stages.

A great way to exercise both you and your dog physically and mentally, without impact or pressure in a variety of locations.

Confidence building for both ends of the lead.

Taught in a fun, motivational and rewarding way to build solid foundations on which to progress from.

Would you like to host a Scentwork or Mantrailing Workshop?

dog indicating on a hidden scent
If you would like to host a Scentwork or Mantrailing Workshop, or run a Mantrailing Introduction or Practice Session in your area, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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