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I am intrigued and in awe of our dog's olfactory system!  

Our dogs have an amazing natural gift – superb sense of smell!  In fact, your dog primarily experiences the world through their nose! There is nothing more fun and rewarding than allowing your dog to use that gift as part of a team; with you by their side.

What is the difference in the activities I teach?

Mantrailing: teaching dogs to find a missing person

Scentwork:  teaching dogs to find a specific scent 


Both activities are suitable for all breeds, ages and stages.

A great way to exercise both you and your dog physically and mentally, without impact or pressure in a variety of locations.

Confidence building for both ends of the lead.

Taught in a fun, motivational and rewarding way to build solid foundations on which to progress from.

To join our Mantrailing and/or Scent Clubs, you will need to have completed an Introduction course with Avril (or if you have done this with Mantrailing Global or another recognised organisation (positive reinforcement training only), drop me an email and we can discuss where you are and take it from there).

In addition, Avril is an UK Scent Sport Instructor/Assessor and you will be given the opportunity to work towards their levels - who doesn't love a rosette and a certificate in all sorts of colours?  And there are Mantrailing Scotland assessments to be had too as well as our own AYDT awards!

mantrailing practice sessions.jpg


Having done tracking and pursuit tracking with my own dogs over the years, I became one of the first certified Mantrailing Global (UK) Instructors in Scotland in 2019.

I enjoy sharing my love of the sport with others, and seeing the smiles on both sides of the lead when the hidden person is located.

This is a great sport for confidence building, bond strengthening and tiring our your 4-legged friend and we are happy to train with reactive dogs, as we work one dog at a time. 

You start your trailing journey on our Introduction to Mantrailing Workshop where you will learn the theory and practical skills to set the foundations.

Once you have completed our Intro to Mantrailing, you will be invited to join us in our AYDT Mantrailing Club where you can progress your skills in a variety of venues across Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife.
Scentwork Club photo.jpg


Avril has been training her own dogs in scentwork sports since 2015, and teaching through a variety of Scentwork organisations since 2017.

Our bespoke introduction to scentwork workshop will give you the basics to start your Scentwork journey. These are a mix of theory and practical learning, and you will have ample opportunity to ask questions while having fun with your dog.
We have a range of places/ways in which you can complete this: either in-person at our workshops in Portobello & Rosewell, as well as online via Zoom (for our dogs who do not do well in company).
Scentwork is for any breed, any age or whatever stage your dog is at and we begin our journey learning the foundations that we will build on as you and our dog progresses.

Using only force free methods and a whole heap of fun rewards,  my aim is to help you and your dog have as much fun as possible. We will help you teach your dog to find a specific odour, alert to tell you they have it, and help you learn your dog's body language to ensure that together you work as a team.

This sport is a great confidence builder, creates a stronger bond with your dog and provides puzzle solving and enrichment opportunities to tire your 4-legged friend.
Once you have completed our Intro to Scentwork, and your dog is able to search for your chosen odour, you will be invited to join us in our AYDT Scent Club.

Would you like to host a Scentwork or Mantrailing Workshop?

dog indicating on a hidden scent
If you would like to host a Scentwork or Mantrailing Introduction Workshop, or run a Mantrailing Introduction or Practice Session in your area, please don't hesitate to contact us.  This could be a dog club or just you and 3 other friends who want to get started in these fun sports
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