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We have 3 levels of training packages available

For those who need some extra help with training but also need a dog walker, we can combine the two and offer our bespoke walk & train packages. 

Depending on the training required, we offer varied schedules of duration to suit your needs. We will walk and train your dog twice a week (for as many weeks as you choose) to help practice those important behaviours. 

In addition to us walking your dog, you will join us for 121 training walks throughout the duration of your training programme, so that you and the family are kept abreast of how training is going and make sure we are all being consistent.  Written reports and additional training materials will be provided as required.

We currently have no walk and train spaces available. Please contact us to discuss an alternative solution.

If you need help with regular dog walking, click on David's logo below to be taken to his Imanje Pet Services website.

Imanje Pet Services - for walking services

Crescent Moon

4 Weeks of Foundation Skills Training

Half Moon

6 Weeks of Foundation Skills Training

Full Moon

10 Weeks of Foundation Skills Training
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